Representation & Review

The Representation and Review Committee advises Presbytery with respect to its membership and of its bodies by making sure the principles of participation and inclusiveness are met (see G-30103), and in addition is responsible for the review and control of Sessions and congregations.
  1. Advocate for the inclusion of racial ethnic members, women, different age groups and persons with disabilities in the life and leadership of Presbytery. (see F-1.0403)
  2. Review the performance of the Presbytery in matters pertaining to representation and inclusiveness and reports findings annually. (see G-3.0103)
  3. Make recommendations to Presbytery for corrective action which may be necessary to enhance inclusiveness and fair representation.
  4. Consult with the Nominating Committee of Presbytery concerning inclusiveness and representation. A member of R&R will attend meetings of the Nominations Committee.
  5. Encourage listening and mutual sharing through the annual required review of Session minutes. Communicate information of concern and interest to the Committee on Ministry. (see G-3.0108)
  6. To annually review and evaluateSession Minutes. (see G-30108a)
    To provide ongoing training regarding Minutes and Record
  7. Keeping for Sessions and Clerks of Session.
  8. Report to Presbytery directly.


Clerk’s Session Minutes Review form

Financial Review & Audit Form

Financial Review Handbook