Racial Ethnic Cabinet

Two representatives from each racial ethnic congregation; Any racial ethnic teaching elders, commissioned ruling elders and educators presently serving within the Presbytery. Approximately 21 persons.

The Racial Ethnic Cabinet serves as an advocate and interpreter for racial ethnic opportunities and concerns to the Presbytery.

  1. Advocate for the mission and witness of racial ethnic churches within the Presbytery.
  2. Support the development of a broad base of potential lay leadership for Presbytery from within racial ethnic congregations.
  3. Consult with the Committee on Representation and Nominating Committee concerning representation within Presbytery structures and leadership.
  4. Provide an opportunity for networking and fellowship among racial ethnic congregations.
  5. Advocate for financial support of ministries within the racial ethnic community and churches.
  6. Address and offer effective witness regarding race relations, peacemaking, human suffering and other pressing issues within society that affect the racial ethnic community.