Committee on Preparation for Ministry


The CPM shall be composed of 18 members elected by Foothills Presbytery, Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders in approximately equal number, bearing in mind the principles of unity in diversity in F-1.0403.


The purpose of the Committee on Preparation for Ministry is to help all church members discern and fulfill their Christian vocation and to provide the best possible leadership for the church by assuring that persons who feel called to be Teaching Elders (Ministers of the Word and Sacrament) receive the fullest personal and professional preparation for this office.

Our goals are to facilitate the care process for pre-inquirers, inquirers and candidates in the most caring and efficient manner possible, to be sensitive to the many issues confronting persons under care, and to provide continuity of service to members of the commission and those under care.


The CPM also serves as a commission and is responsible for following the designated processes associated with pre-inquirers, inquirers and candidates. “The Book of Order of the Presbyterian Church (USA) is the authority by which the Committee on Preparation for Ministry may act as a Commission to fulfill its constitutional functions. All requirements and procedures of the current Book of Order must be followed in the Inquiry and Candidacy process (G-2.06)” Particular to Foothills Presbytery’s policy and procedure are:

On behalf of Presbytery, CPM will act as a commission by interviewing individuals recommended by their Sessions for inquiry and decide whether to enroll them as inquirers, reporting the Committee’s action at the next stated meeting of presbytery

  • Instruct and train Sessions on their role in inquiry and the candidacy process.
  • Make recommendation to the presbytery through the Stated Clerk with respect to inquirers’ applications for candidacy.
  • Provide oversight of inquirers and candidates in matters relating to the preparation for ministry.
  • Make decisions regarding applications for financial aid.
  • Provide for annual consultations with each inquirer and candidate. Report to the Presbytery on annual consultations. (G-2.0604)
  • Recommend an inquirer’s move to candidacy and arrange for them to share their faith statement, faith journey and sense of Call to a meeting of presbytery. Questions posed from commissioners may only include questions about inquirer’s statement of faith, faith journey, Christian service and Call. Note: Statement of faith must be in writing.
  • Conduct final assessments of candidates’ readiness for ministry.
  • Report candidate’s readiness to Presbytery. (G-2.0607)
    On behalf of Presbytery, the CPM will act as a commission and make decisions concerning the transfer and removal from covenant relationship of inquirer under its care.
  • In case of candidate, make recommendation to the presbytery concerning the transfer and removal from covenant relationship of candidates under its care. (G-2.0608 and G-2.0609)
  • All actions carried out as a result of delegated authority must be reported to the presbytery at its next regular meeting.” Book of Order G-3.0307

CPE Approval Form

CPM Manual for Inquirers and Candidates

CPM Process Flow Chart

CPM Recommendation Form