Ideas to Let your Youth Volunteers know you APPRECIATE them

Volunteer Appreciation Ideas*

1. Volunteer Appreciation Spring Focus

▪ A volunteer appreciation letter for all involved in Youth Ministry during the current school year. Include Volunteer Opportunity list for next year.

▪ Special recognition of all volunteers on Youth Sunday. Invite volunteers to stand and be recognized. Use a prayer of thanksgiving and affirmation giving recognition/gratitude for their commitment and service this year. Great time to have volunteer opportunity sheets ready and available for pick up after service.

2. You are Appreciated/Thanks for what you do!!! Send a thank-you ~ At least once a month via email/facebook personal message or….a real cards.

3. Volunteer Highlight: In enews, newsletter, bulletin, oe web site. Include a pic with description of volunteer role/impact/etc.

4. Wall of Witnesses: The Great Could of Witnesses: Decorate a board, side walk, hall, ceiling, ?, with the list of those who have served, are served and hopes for the future. Include passage from Hebrews 12: 1-3

5. Instram: Wheww Hoo’s ~ Include volunteer, your youth, the perfect photo, name event/service project /program and words of thanks/praise!

6. Child Care/Babysitting: Your volunteers serve children/youth of the church. No you can serve their families by asking your students to give back by offering to babysit or come by house and play/do activity with children of young adult volunteers.

7. Recognition from the Head of staff ~ Hearing from the Pastor of the church still means so much! Purchase a card, address and ask Minister to add a personal note and mail!

8. WAPS: “We Appreciate Package” Have youth pack appreciation bags/mugs/tall cups. Include affirmations (add your own)

Milky Ways Dove Kisses 100,000 Testamints

(You are out of this world!)
(The Holy Spirit must have sent you!)
(Greet one another with a holy kiss… or not!) (You’re worth FAR more!)
(You bring a breath of fresh air)

9. Volunteers Valentines: Deacons pass out or deliver carnations to key volunteers.
10.Volunteer Coffee Care Grams: Put together a special coffee deliver day (or gift cards in the mail) for

each teacher one Sunday/Wednesday/week.

11.Volunteer Café ~ during VBS, Mission Trips, Sunday Nights, Wednesday, etc and VBS: Quite place w/ comfy seats, décor of “spa”, special snacks and drinks.

12.Continuing to Grow Opportunities ~ Arrange for team training or send to workshops/conferences/training events.

* Adapted from Stephanie Caro’s Love Your Teams