Hospitality Team

The Hospitality sub-committee’s goal is to welcome ALL incoming/new Teaching Elders, Commissioned Ruling Elders, Christian Educators, and Youth Directors in to the community of Foothills Presbytery.

After Teaching Elder(Minister) or CRE is approved by Exam Commission

A Church notifies CSM/Presbytery staff of new hire (Educators, Youth Directors, Children’s Ministers – we will

  1. Send a welcome letter which will include:
    1. Contact information for other pastors/educators/youth directors that live and work in their region.
    2. A list of Presbytery Committees/job
    3. The Presbytery Manual of Operations
  2. We will request a quality photo and short bio for the Presbytery newsletter, social media and website.
  3. We will pass on new persons name/email to appropriate Peer Group Ministry.
  4. We will make sure the Presbytery office staff have new persons contact information in order that he/she is added to the Presbytery directory.

The Pastor Nominating Committee of Westminster hopes you will enjoy this opportunity to get to know Ben.

Here is an example of how we can welcome new pastoral leadership and staff persons and give opportunity welcome them and the congregation to get to know them.