Cover Letter

Dear Friends in Small(er) Church Ministry,

I have been asked over and over about church transformation, revitalization, assessments, consultants, etc. All with the underlying theme reflecting the challenges of ministry in the 21 Century context: Financial Resources, membership loss, committed volunteer leaders, worship, spiritual formation, support for Pastors, etc.

This is a great visual image which captures the clear challenge many of us our facing in our churches. While we have been busy serving, in the name of Christ, the sands have been shifting beneath our feet.

There are no one-size fits all solutions to bridge our way back across the waters. The first step is conversation, awareness, and then facing the reality of adaptive change. Taking part in the Foothills Small Membership Church forums is a way to begin. It is your chance to sit around the table with members and leaders of other small churches in our Presbytery and share ideas and possibilities about ways we can all “do church” together. Our next gathering is scheduled for Thursday January 29th at Piedmont Presbyterian.

There are so many resources available. The information attached is a “living” list, ever changing and is never ending. So, I am starting with a short-list of organizations that specialize in working with churches on finances, evaluation and assessments. I have also attached and article on clusters one of our Pastors wrote and shared with us in the Smaller Church forums and a list of resources sheet available to you in your Presbytery resource center.

I will be creating a Small Membership Congregations page on facebook for anyone who would like to share resources and best practices. As we begin to put together tools and resources we will share them with the group.


Grace and Peace in Christ,

Debbie Foster
Associate Presbytery Pastor and Associate Stated Clerk Foothills Presbytery


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