Covenant Connections

Church is not [just] a place we go

By Andrea Moore   The global COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all of our lives in incalculable ways.  For many of us, the inability to worship together in person has been one of the deepest losses.  However, at Tyger River Presbyterian Church, we have found meaningful ways to live out our faith through this crisis. Our […]

Update on Frontera De Cristo

International Missionary Update: US-Mexico Border Ministry with Mark Adams and Miriam Escobar By Cal Sawyer   Foothills Presbytery member churches have a longstanding legacy for supporting the work of international missionaries via Presbyterian Mission. Your financial contributions assist with sharing God’s love in many countries including Congo, Haiti and on the US-Mexican Border. I have […]

Singing is a Gift from God

Over the last few years, a group of Foothills Presbytery’s Church Music Directors/Ministers has gathered four or five times a year to enjoy fellowship and discuss life and ministry. A few weeks ago, our Stated Clerk & Presbytery Leader, Debbie Foster, invited them to share a brief statement about Music Ministry during the restrictions and […]

Twists & Takes from a Tornado

by Richard & Susan Caldwell It was 8:15 a.m. the morning after Easter Sunday when the phone rang. It was John, our pastor. He asked, “Are you O.K.?” Funny question we thought! Why wouldn’t we be? You see, we knew there had been wind, rain and lightning during the night but had not experienced or […]

I Choose

by Beth Lindsay Templeton Recent events of blatant racism in our country have set off strong responses on all sides. Hate, violence, compassion, and love have been spoken, acted out, and streamed. I find myself disoriented by both extremes and wonder what my role is in all this. I was shaken when I learned that […]

My Thoughts on George Floyd

One week before Ahumad Aubery’s death by two white vigilantes’, my wife, Judy, and I were walking through our subdivision early in the morning. I pulled my cellphone out of my right pants pocket and my driver’s license fell on the ground. Judy asked, “Why do you have your driver’s license?” I replied, “Because I’m […]

A Covid-19 Guide To Young Adult Ministry

By Jackie Putman It is no secret that today’s young adults present unique challenges to the church and world. A quick Google search of the word “millennial” will produce lengthy articles about the ways in which today’s young adults upset the cultural and economic norms. If you add the word “church” to that Google search, […]

Faith Food Bank

By Gloria Pascoe I would like to introduce you to Faith Food Bank located in Williamston, South Carolina.  Faith Food Bank is a non-profit 501c3 organization that has been proudly serving our local community since 2007. We started out in the basement of Faith Presbyterian Church, but quickly outgrew that space and now have a […]

More than Chocolate: Giving Up Fear

by Julie Schaaf Isaiah 43:1 Mark 4:35-41 Many of you have heard me speak of my Lenten practice of drawing the name of a person out of a bag each morning and praying very intentionally for them all day long.  I usually text the person first thing and ask if they have any special requests.  […]

Immersed in the Mystery of Christ’s Presence

By Terri Price Eight weeks.  Two months.  A ridiculous length of time, in church life.  An inane amount of time to “be church” and be apart. I was nearing the end of my seminary time when I enrolled in a class titled “Vision of Ministry” led by then dean of the school and theology professor […]