Covenant Connections

Raising White Kids, a Report from a Book Study- from APCE

Written by: Sarah Dianne Jones Original post source: The Advocate In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder in May of this year, I, along with every other educator, was swept up in the rush of equipping families with resources to talk with their children about the horrific racial injustices that are ever present in our […]

Imani Milele Choir

An African choir, a South Carolina camp: Unexpected community during COVID-19

Written by: Leslie Scanlon- October 19, 2020 Original Source: The Presbyterian Outlook They were supposed to stay for two nights. Now, because of COVID-19, it’s been more than 200. Last spring, on March 17, the Imani Milele Choir, a children’s choir from Uganda, arrived to spend two nights night at Fellowship Camp and Conference Center, a Presbyterian-related […]

Sustained by That Stuff?

by Pete Perry Exodus 16 (selected verses) They had been at it for six weeks. Wandering in the wilderness. Wondering what would happen to them next. Dislocated. Not knowing the next place they would sleep. Anxious that they would not be able to find food. Scared they would not make it but instead would die […]

You are My Witnesses

“You are my witnesses,” declares the LORD, “and my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he. Before me no god was formed, nor will there be one after me. I, even I, am the LORD, and apart from me there is no savior. […]

Trehala Manna

By: Ashley Brown I have a stack of Hebrew cards piled up on my desk at Austin Seminary. So, while not an expert in Hebrew, I am proudly able to read two words; manna and shalom. The latter is a result of a college tattoo session during my esteemed tenure at the University of South Carolina. […]

Six conversations that build community

Originally posted September 4, 2020 by The Presbyterian Outlook Six conversations that build community Guest commentary Matthew J. Skolnik This Sunday I held my 10-year-old nephew under my right arm as we live-streamed worship into our living room. While most of our family is white, my nephew happens to be black. He has been in our […]

“And Who Is My Neighbor?”

By Dan Sansbury   On Saturday morning, August 8, I participated by ZOOM in a called meeting of Foothills Presbytery, which consists of five counties in the upstate of South Carolina.  I participated along with our elders, Joe Bonner and Robin Morris.  I am still new to this Presbytery, having begun my stated supply work […]

Walk in Different Shoes

By Julianne Clayton In college, I majored in Organizational Communication. I know that sounds pretty vague, but basically, the program was designed for students to explore what healthy, effective communication looks like for organizations, both internally and externally. It was not my original plan, but I settled on it because it was broad and I […]

Seneca Tornado Recovery – A Brief Update

“Out of Chaos, Hope.” August 1, 2020  The devastating EF3 tornado that struck the Seneca area last April 13th is long gone from the radar, literally and figuratively. There are newer stories for the media to cover and people not directly impacted have likewise shifted their energy and focus elsewhere, as is normal. It is […]

Serving her young adults during a global pandemic

New York Young Adult Volunteers site coordinator recovers from COVID-19 by Kathy Melvin | Presbyterian News Service   She focused on staying present with her YAVs while not being able to be present. She facilitated getting them back to their homes to shelter-in-place, where all are safe and working remotely with their partners. She was […]