Worship Committee

Composition:  6 persons elected by Foothills Presbytery.

The Foothills Presbytery Worship Committee exists to plan services of worship for Presbytery meetings to motivate the people in the pews to earnest praise of God. The committee attempts to design services that are sensitive to the business of Presbytery, the architecture and traditions of the local church or venue housing the meeting, and the musical gifts and styles of the community. The committee also attempts to put before the presbytery solid worship leaders of all stripes, hometowns, ages, and inspiring music of many styles and origins. Ideas are welcome and one does not need to be a member of this committee to suggest them.


  • The committee is a sub-committee of the Coordinating Council and the Chair will serve as the committee’s representative on the Council.
  • The committee will ideally consist of at least seven members, representing the diversity of the presbytery.
  • The committee generally meets around six times a year depending on need.
  • The committee will develop a theme for each worship service, provide appropriate leadership and/or coordinate with the host venue to make sure all aspects of worship are planned for and staffed.