Nominations Committee

Composition: 9 persons elected by Foothills Presbytery: six Ruling Elders and three Teaching Elders. (At least one person should be nominated from each of the three Regional Gatherings of Presbytery.) A member of the Representation and Review Committee will be an ex-officio member and attend all meetings.

The Nominating Committee nominates persons to fill all vacancies on continuing committees, councils, boards, and other bodies that require election by the presbytery. (G-3.0111)


  1. Paying attention to:
    1. The nomination of equal numbers of women and men,
    2. Implementation of the Book of Order’s principles of inclusiveness in G-3.0103 (in consultation with presbytery’s Committee on Representation and Review),
    3. Consultation with chairpersons of teams and committees concerning committee members who might be inactive and/or suggestions for new persons who might serve, this committee will nominate persons to serve in the following capacities:
      • As officers of presbytery, including the moderator of the Coordinating Council
      • Members for all committees and their chairpersons
      • Commissioners to the General Assembly, following the procedures adopted by presbytery and outlined in the Presbytery Manual, Appendix V.2.6.
      • Commissioners to Synod
      • Members of boards of institutions supported by the presbytery, synod, and General Assembly.
  1. This committee will nominate persons for General Assembly committees and agencies as required.