Coordinating Council

Composition: Chair of Council, Moderator of Presbytery, Moderator-in-Nomination of Presbytery (3); and the Moderators of the Ecclesial and Diaconal Committees of Presbytery: Worship, Committee on Ministry, Committee on Preparation for Ministry, Bills and Overtures, Representation and Review, Finance and Stewardship, Personnel, Nominations, Committee on Shared Ministry, and the Racial Ethnic Cabinet (10). The Stated Clerk, the Associate Stated Clerk, the Treasurer and the Parliamentarian shall be Ex-Officio members (4). [Total: 17 members] A quorum for a meeting shall consist of at least seven members and either the Stated or Associate Stated Clerk.

The Coordinating Council coordinates the meetings of Presbytery, and acts as instructed by Presbytery between meetings. It provides for communication among the committees and commissions of Presbytery and interprets their work to the Presbytery. The Coordinating Council functions as the Corporate Board of the Presbytery. By virtue of their election to Council, Council members are also elected to the Corporate Board. The Chair of Council serves as Chair of the Corporate Board. Per South Carolina State Law, the Coordinating Council designates the Stated Clerk, or upon his or her absence, the Associate Stated Clerk as “the Agent” of Foothills Presbytery. All Ruling Elder Committee Chairs are Commissioners to Presbytery during their terms of service (G-3.0301).

Council Responsibilities:

  1. Provide for the worship of Presbytery.
  2. Set the agenda of Presbytery meetings and make arrangements for Presbytery meetings.
  3. Interpret and communicate the budget of Presbytery.
  4. Facilitate communications among the commissions, and committees of the Presbytery and from the commissions and committees to the Presbytery.
  5. Ensure a fair and clear decision-making process that is consistent with the
  6. Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA).
  7. Encourage maximum participation in Presbytery meetings.
  8. Act on behalf of Presbytery between meetings as Presbytery deems appropriate and as instructed by Presbytery.
  9. Make editorial changes to Presbytery’s manual which do not materially change its intent and interpretation.
  10. Act on Presbytery’s behalf to approve requests from congregations to buy, sell or encumber property.
  11. Function as the corporate board of Foothills Presbytery, Inc. with the authority to acquire property for Presbytery and to hold the same at the direction of Presbytery.
  12. When the Presbytery shall purchase property and make deferred payments, the Council shall have the authority to execute a security deed to secure any unpaid balance of the purchase money and to execute all necessary papers in connection with such transaction.
  13. Through the Personnel Committee oversee the operations of the Presbytery staff, the Treasurer, the Parliamentarian, and the Recording Clerk and the Assistant Recording Clerk.