Congregational Assessment Tool

Congregational Assessment Tool PDF

Foothills Presbytery
Smaller Membership Worshipping Communities
Working Group

Church Assessments:

  1. Mission Study
  2. Leadership Needs
  3. Pastoral Leadership
  4. Session Leadership
  5. Worship, Education, Nurture
  6. Mission Outreach
  7. Financial Health (Presbyterian Foundation Assessment Tools)


Community Assessments:

  1. Demographic Studies
  2. Relationship with other Presbyterian Congregations in the area
  3. Ecumenical Relationships
  4. Relationships to existing care agencies


Leadership Models:

  1. Solo Pastorates
  2. Yoking
  3. Part Time Stated Supplies
  4. Formation of a Greater Parish
  5. Becoming a Chapel of a larger congregation


Shared Ministry/ Mission Work (Building Relationships)

  1. Joint Children’s/ Youth Ministry
  2. Joint Educational opportunities
  3. Joint Celebrations (ex. Advent, Lent, National Holidays, travel)
  4. Joint Mission projects


“Hospice” Work (exploring future possibilities)

  1. becoming a mission center
  2. becoming a locale for a New Worshipping Community
  3. becoming a chapel of a larger congregation
  4. closing with grace and thanksgiving


Presbytery Connections and Celebrations

  1. Presbytery wide celebrations
  2. Presbytery Education Events particular to small congregations
  3. Best Practices (Polity, Policies, Procedures, Docs/Forms, etc.)