Church is not [just] a place we go

By Andrea Moore


The global COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all of our lives in incalculable ways.  For many of us, the inability to worship together in person has been one of the deepest losses.  However, at Tyger River Presbyterian Church, we have found meaningful ways to live out our faith through this crisis.

Our pastor’s imaginative, short(!), for-the-moment Worship from Home videos have helped maintain a sense of connection to our church family.  My favorite part of each week’s service is the chance to see photos or video clips of individuals and families I haven’t been able to see in person.  I especially love it when children and youth are included in the service.

Another way we have come together is through worship exercises that have included a prayer walk and drive-through communion.  These were set up to allow safe participation while still providing a sense of corporate worship.  At last Sunday’s drive-through communion, volunteers provided music, prayers, and even “passed the peace” by waving homemade posters.  I found myself crying on the drive home, filled with longing for what we are missing and gratitude for all we have.

Finally, we have sought as a church to resist the temptation to hoard our resources and continue to generously support needs in our local community through outreach and giving.

COVID-19 has provided a powerful reminder that church is not a place we go, but rather it is who we are.

-Andrea Moore is an Elder at Tyger River Presbyterian Church in Moore, SC.

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