Certified Christian Educators


Christian Educators are persons called by God to a ministry of education who demonstrate their faith and love in Jesus Christ, are dedicated to the life of faith and serious in purpose, honest in character and joyful in service. It is expected that Christian educators be persons with skills and training in biblical interpretation, Reformed theology, human faith and development, religious education theory and practice, and the polity, programs and mission of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).


  • Are members of the PC(USA)
  • Are employed in educational ministry in a PCUSA congregation, governing body or agency or have confirmed volunteer status of at least ten hours/week of volunteer service and have completed one year full-time (or its equivalent) work experience
  • Have completed a bachelor’s degree (or master’s degree) or CE Associate level
  • Have requested and received an application and information for certification along with a listing of Certification Advisors appointed by the presbytery or a neighboring presbytery and have asked one of these Advisors to serve as the resource and support system as they go through the process
  • Have completed the application, including current employment/service, work experience, and previous coursework with attached transcripts
  • Have completed the required course credits (3 credits or 30 contact hours) in Biblical Interpretation, Reformed Theology, Religious Education Theory and Practice, Human Growth and Faith Development, Worship and Have completed the required course credits (1.5 credits or 15 contact hours) in Presbyterian Polity and Presbyterian Program and Mission
  • Have completed the certification exam process with a Reference Group containing colleagues, staff, and the Certification Advisor



The Educator Certification process of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) requires educational components that equal 180 contact hours (18 graduate level credit hours) for the Certified Christian Educator. This includes the following courses:

  1. Biblical Interpretation 30 hours
  2. Reformed Theology 30 hours
  3. Religious Education Theory and Practice 30 hours
  4. Human Growth and Faith Development 30 hours
  5. Presbyterian Polity 15 hours
  6. Presbyterian Program and Mission 15 hours
  7. Worship and Sacraments 30 hours


G-2.11 Certified Church Service
G-2.1103 Christian Educator
                        a. Skills and Training   (referenced above)  

  1. Presbytery Responsibility

The presbytery shall establish minimum requirements for compensation and benefits for Certified Christian Educators and Certified Associate Christian Educators and shall provide access to the area of presbytery that oversees ministry (G-3.0307). During their term of service in an educational ministry under the jurisdiction of the presbytery, Certified Christian Educators are entitled to the privilege of the floor with voice only at all presbytery meetings, and in the case of Certified Christian Educators who are ruling elders, the privilege of voice and vote at all its meetings.