Youth Ministry Leader’s Roundtable

Youth Ministry Leader’s ROUNDTABLE meets the 1st Tuesday of the month.

Youth Directors/Ministers
are invited to “talk shop” from
12:30 – 2:00pm
at the Presbytery Office

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How Effective Leaders Approach Youth

How Effective Leaders Approach Youth

The following responses to the question, “White ways of approaching youth have you found helpful?” are offered as a way of helping youth leaders and parents know some ways that “successful” youth leaders from several major denominations have found to reach youth:


  1. Build Relationships

Know them – home life, school, friends

Exhibit deep, sensitive, personal concern for them

Show them courtesy

Participate with them as an equal

Show appreciation for a job well done

Help them if they ask

Share mutual experiences & your own feelings about life


  1. Be Genuine

Be adult

Speak in your own vocabulary

Be honest and open

State your convictions while leaving freedom for theirs

Boldly speak out in radical situations

Admit you don’t know all the answers

Deal with your own hang-ups first


  1. Be Available

Go to their events when adults are welcome

Spend time with them and their friends

Work and play with them in various activities

Take kids to “away” games

Invite them to your home for dinner

Initiate interviews


  1. Show Interest

Remember their names

Learn about their world

Be able to speak their language

Listen to their music

Find areas where you can be of help

Phone calls and letter re their accomplishments, interests


  1. Communicate

Talk to them every opportunity you get

Slow, quiet listening; waiting for the chance to say some things

Listening with the third ear for emotions

One-to-one counseling


  1. Leading

Discover and use their talents and interests

Involve them in planning, decision-making, and executing activities

Let them find their own thing and do it

Accept their decisions

Face them with the issues

Hold unpopular positions with you think are best for them

Give them provocative, challenging books

Offer them a host of options

Present a better alternative by the way you live and act

Get them interested in trips, projects, studies to benefit them

Get them to camps and retreats

How Effective Leaders Approach Youth