Committee on Shared Ministry

Composition: CSM shall be composed of 22-24 Teaching Elders, Ruling Elders and Christian Educators in approximately equal number, bearing in mind the principles of unity in diversity in F-1.0403.

Mission: To equip, connect, and nurture the churches of Foothills Presbytery.

Core Values: We will celebrate an adaptive environment where grace abounds while striving to strengthen our connectional church and share mission in a spirit of experimentation.

How: We will explore our mission by offering opportunities for faith formation, gatherings, fellowship, service, encouragement, resources, and support.

This may include organizing around such ministries as:

• Leadership Development
• Mission Outreach
• Pastoral Support and Peer Groups
• Technology and Communication
• Hospitality
• Curriculum and Resources
• Outdoor Ministry
• Presbytery Youth Council
• Campus Ministry
• Safe Place
• Presbyterian Women
• Regional Connectors

The following support and peer groups report to the Committee on Shared Ministry:

• The Youth Leaders Roundtable
• The Children’s Ministry Roundtable
• Regional Minister Gatherings
• Women Clergy Gatherings