The congregations of Foothills Presbytery are blessed to have creative people among them.

Are you one of those creative people?
Are you musical?
Do you do woodworking?
Are you a weaver?
Do you dance?
Do you find yourself on a stage? Or backstage?
Are you a writer…of fiction, non-fiction, poetry?
Would you like to connect with a peer group in the presbytery?

Below is a link to a Google form that will gather names and email addresses of self-identified creatives in Foothills Presbytery. From this compilation we will send out a list of those persons who select the same type of creativity. For example, we’ll send a list names, email addresses, and affiliations of the textile/fiber artists to everyone who selected textile/fiber arts as a description of their creative art. It will be up to the members of the group to decide if they want to connect or gather in some additional way. But you’ll know that each other is out there!

We hope that eventually these groups might gather and create together – perhaps a “Foothills Creates Day” at Camp Fellowship. But for now we are just connecting people. This list will not be distributed beyond the presbytery and will not be used for soliciting artistic donations to any cause. It is simply a way of further weaving us together as a presbytery.

Please give the form link to everyone in your congregation who would be interested in participating in a creativity-based group. We welcome student creators as well. If you have questions, contact Lynn Miller.

Click here for Foothills Creates Interest Form