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Providing Education and Training for Ministry Effectiveness

Statewide COM, CPM, PDA, & PJC Workshops for Five SC Presbyteries

For Whom:

Committees/Commissions on Ministry (COM); Committees on Preparation for Ministry (CPM); Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) Postponed/in-person date TBD; Permanent Judicial Commissions (PJC)


CPM January 27 12:00 – 3:00 pm  Hosted by Foothills Presbytery

PJC  February 18  7:00 – 8:30 pm; February 19  9:00- 12:00 and 1:00 – 3:00 pm  Hosted by Charleston Atlantic Presbytery

COM February 19 9:00 – 12:00 and 1:00 – 3:00 pm  Hosted by New Harmony Presbytery

Cost:  $0


CPM: Tim Cargal, Manager, Preparation for Ministry, OGA 

COM: Joyce Lieberman, Exec. & Stated Clerk, Synod of South Atlantic

PJC:  Flor Velez-Diaz, Manager of Judicial Process, OGA

Topics to be Discussed:

*Organizing for successful COM ministry    *Working with Congregations seeking pastoral leadership    *Empowering the COM to say, “No”    *Conducting an effective triennial visit    *Preventing & responding to difficulties    *Identifying potential candidates    *Working together cross culturally    *Discovering practical ways to support & guide students under care    *Deciding about “fitness & readiness”    *Examining inquirers & candidates    *Completing final assessment & negotiation for service    *Exercising discipline within the context of pastoral care & oversight    *Pinpointing the types of conflict requiring judicial process    *Appreciating differences between secular & PCUSA judicial processes    *Functioning effectively as a PJC when called to act as a court of appeal from sessions    *Discovering how to witness to the healing love of Christ through caring for communities adversely affected by crisis & catastrophic events    *And more!


MAY 20-21, 2022

Five SC Presbyteries Convocation & Stated Meetings Presbyterian College & Thornwell Clinton, SC

Schedule Overview

Friday, May 20

3:00 pm     Registration & Tours

5:00 pm      Dinner

7:00 pm      Worship- Guest Preacher:  Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson, II Stated Clerk of the General Assembly of PCUSA)

8:45 pm      Reception & Celebration of our Presbyterian Community

Saturday, May 21

9:00 am      Registration for the 5 SC Presbytery Stated Meetings

9:30 am      Stated Meetings of the Presbyteries.

12:00 pm   Lunch

Additional information & registration links will be provided by March 1